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The changes were hard for me to miss; after all, I still supervised my 8-year-old's nightly supersplashy baths -- the ones she happily shared with her little sister, a gang of doll babies, and a school of rubber fish. "The signs of puberty are a teachable moment," adds Horn, herself a mom of two, ages 7 and 9.

Still, when the pediatrician told my husband and me that it was time for us to have a talk with Mari about puberty, we were stunned into silence. "It's important to let children know they're okay the way they are, that you love them that way, that the changes in their body are normal, and they can come to you with any questions." The comforting thing here is that if you and your child are staring puberty in the face and -- like Nick, me, and Mari -- your panties are in a bunch about it, you're not alone.

"It's kind of humorous that I'm reading him his Boxcar Children story at the same time that he's trying to bulk up to look like a man," King says.

How to deal: He might be in a rush to keep up with his pals, but his developing muscles won't be able to withstand heavy weight lifting until he's about 13 years old, and even then it's important for him to have supervision and to increase weight slowly.

What to Expect When You Have a Girl Boobies Bras When to expect it: Between 9 and 13 (there's a wide range of normal here!

) What to expect: The estrogen that's being pumped into your tween's body from her ovaries causes breast budding -- small bumps behind the nipples.

The male puberty hormone, testosterone, is working with growth hormones to make him fill out.Check out the Kotex and Tampax Web sites; they're full of information you can print out and put into a cute cosmetics bag with pads and tampons.You can add other items, too, like a heating pad, pain relievers, and sanitary wipes.Eventually the nipples and buds will get bigger, darker, and sometimes even pointy, becoming rounder and fuller over time.Her boobs will feel a little tender, and one breast may be bigger than the other.

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